Exclusive Akasya Services

All services offered by Akasya Concierge, from Cloakroom to Bellboy, are designed to make your shopping experience easier. Just stop by the Easy Point on the 1st floor and enjoy the exclusive services of Akasya Concierge.


Returned Product Delivery

In the fitting rooms at Easy Point, you can try the products that you have ordered through hepsiburada.com. If you wish you can return them at the desk.

Akasya Checkroom

While shopping, you do not have to carry your belongings from store to store with you. You can leave them to your reliable assistant at Easy Point.

Akasya Cloakroom

While shopping at Akasya, you can leave your jacket or coat in the cloakroom at Easy Point.


If you need anyone to help carry your bags while shopping, you can stop by Easy Point or call 549 566 00 85.

Click & Collect

You can receive your hepsiburada.com orders at Easy Point.

Online Shopping Delivery Point

If you choose to go shopping through online stores of the brands in Akasya, we can pick your orders and deliver on the day and time you prefer at the Online Shopping Delivery Point. You can receive your orders without even getting out of your car.


Baby Care Room

There are baby care and breastfeeding rooms on the 2nd, 1st and -1st floors. The rooms comply with hygiene measures and can be used free of charge.

Wireless Internet

You can benefit from the wireless connection service offered by Akasya free of charge.

Tax-Free Refund

Foreign guests and citizens of the Republic of Turkey living abroad can get information about Tax-Free refunds from the Easy Point desk on the 1st floor.

Visiting Akasya with Your Pet

You can bring your little friends to Akasya in their carrying bags.


All Things Akasya

Download the Akasya Mobile App now and live your time in Akasya to the fullest. The app is designed to make your life at Akasya easier with its simple use. Also, parking and valet parking are 50% off for every Akasya Mobile App user.
Some of the conveniences offered by Akasya Mobile Application:

– Find Store
– Where is my car
– Cinema and Kidzania Ticket
– Call My Car / Valet Parking Service
– Bellboy Service
– Discounts and Deals


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